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A fantastic way to build your partner-ready skills.  Get your Premium Level Progress to Partner Annual Membership for  access to all our self-study courses, to help you progress your career and get ahead of the pack.

Our Progress to Partner members know exactly where they need to focus to get noticed as "one to watch" and as "partner-material" each day, week and month of their career. Join them!
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Access to all the content in Progress to Partner INCLUDING the Self-Study Courses and the Game Plans.

Recordings of 3+ years worth of expertise and knowledge from our webinars & virtual workshops

FREE Access to 12 months of our Lunch and Learn virtual workshops. You'll also be able to view the recordings afterwards. 

Access to all the Progress to Partner Guides & Workbooks

Access to all our short videos with help, advice and pep-talks to keep you going.

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I'd recommend the niche course in Progress To Partner to any manager or senior manager in a Big 4 firm who is considering what they want or need to become known for. It helps you think through in a step-by-step manner what the right specialism is going to be for you.

Deloitte, Australia

I would have been a career senior manager if I hadn't signed up to Progress to Partner. It seems so obvious now - scary how little even the most senior managers in the firm understand about how to make partner

Tax Director

I did the short delegation course in Progress to Partner and it was a game-changer. I now have much more time.

Senior Consultant

I would highly recommend Heather and her team for professional development that demystifies the journey as you Progress to Partner, allowing you to focus your efforts in growing the size of your firm".

new Partner

I think it is fair to say you have at a minimum accelerated my career progression by three to five years. I cannot thank you enough.

Law firm partner, USA

Thank you for all your support and guidance over the last few years. Your books and the Progress To Partner membership site have been critical in me being able to focus on the end goal, i.e. making it to partner.

RSM, Canada

Heather and the team at How To Make Partner shone a light on my career progression. Once the penny dropped, it was clear what I had to do. 

Tax Partner

Good news – I got promoted to VAT Director. Thank you for helping me to get through this process

VAT Director

I just wanted to let you know that I have been promoted to Associate Partner! 

I wanted to thank you for your help and support. It has been a long journey, but the road ahead of me is exciting. I am already thinking of the next step: becoming an Equity Partner. I would be happy to continue to work with you on that next chapter of my career.

EY Canada

I got the offer of partnership! Thank you for so much for your help!

KPMG partner, UK 

Before I started working with Heather I was well-respected and seen as a 'safe paid of hands' but struggling to build my practice. As a result of working with Heather I made partner 18 months later and have almost doubled my client portfolio


The Managing Partner called 2 weeks ago and said the partners would like to invite me to become a partner. 

Thank you very much indeed for all your help and support. I know your coaching has played a key role in this promotion, but also my desire, excitement and ability to step up to the challenge and make a success of it.

Law firm, UK

I gained so much confidence from working with you and I am extremely grateful. 


As a result of the help and support I received from Heather, the feedback I got from my firm at each stage of the process was that I was an outstanding candidate. 

I got through at the first time of asking, and was one of only 2 partners which were made up across the whole of our global firm.

Mazars, UK

I gained so much confidence from working with you and I am extremely grateful.